Our History

Resilient Energy Inc. was founded in 2012 as a Colorado corporation that operated oil and gas properties in Colorado, Wyoming, Texas, and other locations in the United States. The company has always focused on traditional producing formations with upside potential. Resilient has gone through multiple changes in governance over the years with the current management making the most dramatic changes resulting in the current public listing and other strategic initiatives. The company not only plans to continue its development and acquisitions of economically sound oil and gas projects but to diversify into other areas which would complement its overall goals and give the company multiple revenue streams. Currently, the company is at various stages of development in multiple areas and will report, at the appropriate time, milestones should management prove successful. For those who want to stay current with the company, watch this website.

Our Integrated Approach to Operations

At Resilient Energy Inc., our approach to operations reflects a commitment to responsible stewardship of resources. By embracing innovation and sustainability across all domains, we aim to create a lasting and positive impact on the communities we serve and the planet we call home.

Driving Energy Innovation
Oil & Gas

In the dynamic oil and gas field, Resilient Energy Inc. is dedicated to pioneering advancements in efficiency and environmental responsibility. Resilient will be using the latest technologies to maximize production out of existing fields and in the development of new properties.

Manufacturing & Technology

Resilient Energy Inc., to broaden its revenue streams, sees great opportunities in leveraging years of management experience in the areas of manufacturing and technology. Resilient believes the business environment is changing exponentially. To ignore the dynamic changes taking place is to be left behind. Resilient intends to leverage experience into leadership for the future.